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7 tips to win lotto 4D Malaysia – TOTO, MAGNUM 4D, DAMACAI

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4D Lottery Betting is one of the most popular types of gambling in Malaysia that many people are participating in. The major lottery operators in Malaysia are Magnum 4D, Sports Toto and Damacai. Apart from this, there are still other operators such as Sabah 88, STC 4D and Cash Sweep.

Most people from these groups do not deem 4d lottery as a type of gambling but instead, they see it as a small entertainment. Why not try your luck when you can win a huge grand prize up to multi million with just as little investment as RM1? Just one time of hitting any number from the 23 winning numbers and the 4d prize is enough to cover your small losses and give you even more return.

Maximise your chances of winning 4D lotto bet

But how can you maximize your winnings in 4D lotto Malaysia or increase your chances of winning? Have you ever think about what are the tips and strategies you can practice in buying 4D lottery Malaysia?

If you haven’t, let see what are the lotto 4D tips you had been neglecting.

1. Buy Big AND Small

Some people might only buy one option, either big or either small. We all know Big Forecast gives us higher chances of winning but with lower prize while vice versa for Small Forecast. This is because the big forecast includes those consolation prizes and special prizes.

As compared, the 4D prize for buying Small seems to be more attractive than buying Big. But why give up the chances of winning both and winning big when it is just RM1 of difference?

2. Buy Permutation Play

If you have a strong feeling to your Toto 4d Lucky number, be secure and multiply your chances of winning by Permutation Play - Buy all possible combinations from your 4 digit numbers. If all your 4d numbers are unique from each other, it is 24 permutations with a minimum buy of RM24. Following by 3 unique digits, 12 permutations, 2 unique digits with each digit appear twice in the combination, 6 permutations and lastly 2 unique digits with 1 digit appear three times, 4 permutations.

3. Roll Play

Feeling partly lucky? Have a 3-digit number but not sure what is the 4th digit to put? You can try Roll Play. Roll play lets you decide on 3 digits you want and roll the 1 digit number left. By Roll play, you are generated with 10 different combinations of 4d lotto. Thus, with a minimum Roll Play of RM10, you get to boost your winning chances.

4. Check the 4D past results statistics

Checking back at the past 4D results can be important for you to avoid losses. You will be probably checking the latest 4D results live for every draws if you are a regular buyer. However, if you missed out any draws, make sure you check back the recent magnum 4D past results or other 4D results by other operators before you buy. This method can help you to eliminate those numbers that are near to the recent draws and you can select a new set of your toto 4D Lucky Number.

5. Place your 4D bet with Online Operators

Nowadays, nearly all of the Online casinos in Malaysia accept 4D lotto bets. So what are the differences in buying a lottery from online casino and from physical outlets? First of all, online casino provide you the ease of placing your lotto 4D bets anywhere anytime.

Secondly, online casino gives you a better 4D payout rate. You will get the full amount of your winnings if you hit the 4D prize and there are no any tax deductions from it.

6. Buy 3 sides

There are 3 major 4D lottery operators in Malaysia - 4D Magnum, Damacai, and Sports Toto. You never know where your luck is. Try to buy a small amount but buy it for 3 sides.

7. 4D Prediction: Use Your 4D Lucky Number

Sometimes, the lucky number is hidden in our daily life. Most of the people will buy 4-digit number based on their lucky number come from – car plates, phone number, birthday or special dates. Other than this, you can try to do your 4D prediction based on the special coincidence in your daily life too. Who knows perhaps your 4D toto lucky number is hiding in between?

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