Thursday, 21/9/2023 11:50PM (GMT +0800)

Beginner Luck more easy to Win Nombor Ekor

By 4Dstriker

"Beginner Luck", there really is such a thing! Last month we encourage my small little sister who just pass his 21 years old birthday & buy his 1st lucky number. Surprisingly the number came out in 1st Prize in!

The story is like that,our small sister just finish his 21st birthday party celebration in Friday night.The next day is Saturday, so got 4D to bet.We give her some hints & advise since she is virgin & 1st time buying 4D numbers, we call her to register as new member & bet lucky 4 number in online 4d betting site

She tell us that she wanna choose his D.O.B date of birth as betting number.We say its ok.Just follow your instinct & heart feeling.Then we take her to Magnum, Toto & Damacai shop to buy 3 side. Then we teach her how to log in to buy, registered as a member , top up ,online bank in. Buy the same group 4D number too as secure.

So all done.Just wait & see.The time pass hour by hour.Reach 7pm in the evening.The most exciting moment everyone wait for--4D closing bet & result open time.

Start from Consolations Prize, after that Special Prize ,3rd Prize, 2nd Prize and Final the 1st Prize goes to.......

OMG! WOW! WTF! My sister D.O.B Number really came out as 1st Prize in Magnum! Unbelievable! Everyone hug her with joy & jumping around!That is the most happiest moment among us.Beginner really have their miracle Luck.
This experience sure will be the most unforgettable moment in our life!

Thanks to online 4d website, so easy , fast & convenient ,let my sister win big money & buy things she dream for!

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