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Buying 4D Online in Malaysia - Guide for the Beginners

Are you looking for more info about 4D online in Malaysia? You have landed in the right place!

The 4D lottery has been one of the most popular lotteries in Malaysia for several decades since its legalisation by the government. Millions of Malaysian users choose to play 4D online on a regular basis.

The few legal lottery options available include:

  • Magnum 4D
  • Sportstoto 4D
  • Sabah 88D
  • Sandakan 4D
  • Da+ Ma Cai 3+1D
  • Special Cashsweep

The above lottery draws take place only 3 times a week which is constricting to many users. Hence more and more users pick online 4D lotteries like Perdana 4D and GD lotto!

Unlike the previous, you can buy 4D online with daily draws and thus boost your chances to win. Plus, each daily draw comes with extra bonuses and consolidation prizes!

In the 4D lottery, you simply pick a line or multiple lines of numbers that consist 4-digits each. There are two main ways to play: simple betting and roll betting. In simple betting, you simply pick numbers consisting of 4 digits from 0000 to 9999 e.g. 1235, 2367, 9678, 4587.

There are 23 winning numbers/prizes drawn every time in the BIG betting category. The highest is the 1st prize while the prize with the lowest amount is the consolation prize. By picking to play a BIG bet, you get more chances to win but the actual amount will be lower. On the other hand, a SMALL bet includes only three prize tiers (1st, 2nd, 3rd) but the prize amount will be much higher.

If you go for the ROLL bet, it will let you roll any digit from a 4D digit number you’ve chosen and yield 10 variations/combos of that 4D number. Example for rolling the first digit 1:











The “R” refers to Rolling and appears on the purchased ticket if you choose it. Otherwise, you can go for the single/straight bet option and pick your own numbers or use a random 4D generator.

Best Way To Buy 4D Online Lottery In Malaysia

The best way to buy 4D online is by entering 4DNaik official website, the best provider of 4D lottery options online in Malaysia. Millions of users in Malaysia flock to regularly for many reasons. Just head to and let all the fun begin!

The Advantages of 4DNaik Online Lottery

As a top 4D lottery provider, 4DNaik online lottery offers its players the following perks:

  • Friendly user interface. Our online 4D gambling interface caters to all types of users - from beginners to advanced players.
  • Easy registration and deposit. With just a few clicks and steps, you can register and make your deposit to start playing. Totally fuss-free.
  • Secure payment gateway. Thanks to our strong encryption system, all your payment data will be processed safely.
  • Excellent customer support. Our dedicated customer support agents are ready to tackle any of your concerns 24/7.

There is no reason not to use 4DNaik when it comes to online 4D betting. You have plenty to win and nothing to lose!

How To Buy 4D Online in Malaysia

The process of buying 4D tickets on the 4DNaik platform is actually very simple. It takes only a few moments and steps to register, make a deposit, and begin playing.

Here is how to buy 4D online:

  1. Go to the Registration page and fill-in the required fields e.g. username, email, etc.
  2. Make a top-up credit by choosing the amount you want to add and the banking option. Once completed, click “Finish”.
  3. If you chose online “Bank Transfer” click on the reference number to confirm that it is you that made the transfer. Otherwise, if you made the deposit with a cash deposit machine, go to “top-up”, click “I’ve paid” and attach your bank deposit receipt.
  4. That’s it, you can now start to pick your numbers and purchase tickets!

FAQs on Online 4D Betting

Q: What is the minimum age I can buy 4D online?

A: To register and buy 4D online, you must be at least 18 years old.

Q: How can I withdraw my earnings?

A: You can withdraw your earnings if you go to your user account and click “Withdraw”. Then, you enter the amount you wish to withdraw and choose your bank account. The transfer takes only 2-3 working days.

Q: Is my personal data secure?

A: YES. We use advanced encryption systems to protect the personal data of our users so you don’t have to worry about intrusions or data leaking to third parties without your consent.

Buying Dragon Lotto and also Perdana 4D Online With This Simple Way

The big 3 lottery companies - Sports Toto, DaMaCai, and Magnum are not uncommon for lottery players in Malaysia.

However, they only draw 3 days a week thus limiting the chances of playing and winning. This is why GD Lotto 4D and Perdana 4D come into play.

GD Lotto 4D and Perdana 4D are 2 popular lottery games from Cambodia. However, Malaysians and Singaporeans can now buy GD Lotto 4D and Perdana 4D online with 4DNaik.

Also known as Hao Long, GD Lotto 4D and Perdana 4D wagering solutions let you buy Grand Dragon Lotto 4D and also 4D Perdana with your smartphone.

To buy GD Lotto 4D and Perdana 4D online, stick to these steps:

  • Register a free account at
  • Login and also top up at least RM30 betting credits.
  • Purchase 4D.
  • You will get a digital invoice as confirmation.

That's exactly how easy to get 4D Perdana as well as Hao Long 4D online!

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