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Grand Dragon Lotto 4D | GD Lotto 4D Result for Today

Grand Dragon
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Grand Dragon
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Grand Dragon
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Live Transaction
Member Type Amount (RM) Date/Time
x***dx Top Up 200 10 Jun 2023 4:15PM
7*******gh Top Up 150 10 Jun 2023 4:12PM
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2*******ca Transfer into Jili 317 10 Jun 2023 4:05PM
n****dg Transfer out from Big Gaming 337 10 Jun 2023 3:59PM
q*****5p Transfer out from Dream Gaming 71 10 Jun 2023 3:56PM
o*******qw Top Up 250 10 Jun 2023 3:52PM
5*****2j 4D Bet 271 10 Jun 2023 3:47PM
u*****si 4D Bet 142 10 Jun 2023 3:44PM
v*******qg Withdraw 350 10 Jun 2023 3:40PM

GD Lotto 4D - What It Is, and How Can I Buy it in Malaysia?

Also known as the Grand Dragon Lotto or Hao Long 4D, the GD Lotto 4D is one of the most popular 4-digit games in South East Asia and Malaysia.

The game originally comes from Cambodia and draws take place in a casino lobby in Cambodia. However, GD Lotto 4D is currently available to Malaysian and other Asian players.

As a leading 4D provider, GD Lotto follows a localisation strategy to cater to all its Asian markets. Localisation strategy includes language, local currency, banking/funding, and special feature adjustments.

The draws take place in a fully transparent manner and results are shown live. The provider conducts the draws with the highest regard for ethical practices and integrity.

Plus, a portion of the funds collected from the players goes to local charities e.g. sports, film, and health organisations.

GD Lotto, similar to other 4D games, allows you to choose 4-digit numbers from 0000 to 9999.

It also pays out 23 prizes:

  • 1st Prize
  • 2nd Prize
  • 3rd Prize
  • 10 Special Prizes
  • 10 Consolation Prizes

You can also choose between two betting options: BIG Forecast and SMALL Forecast. The BIG Forecast allows you to stake and possibly win any of the 23 prizes. This equals higher winning odds but lower payouts. If you pick the SMALL Forecast, you can win only the first three prizes but the payout will be higher if you win.

If any of the 4D numbers you played gets drawn, you win the respective prize.

You can check Cambodia Lotto 4D result after 7pm every day.

Reasons To Play GD Lotto In Malaysia

A growing number of Malaysian players choose GD lotto for the following reasons:

  • Draws take place daily. Unlike other 4D Games like Sports ToTo, Magnum 4D, Sandakan 4D, and Special Cashsweep draws take place every day at 6 pm (Cambodian Time).
  • You can see the entire draw and results live. If you tune in at the drawing time, you can view the entire process live. If you miss it, don’t worry - you can check the results later at GD Lotto official website or
  • Easy and fun game to play. Just pick your favourite 4-digit numbers, choose the BIG or SMALL forecast, and buy your tickets online. Since you play online, there are no physical or time restrictions.

Best Site to Play GD Lotto In Malaysia

The best site to play GD Lotto in Malaysia is Similarly, the fastest site to check Cambodia Lotto 4D result is also 4DNaik. Thousands of 4D players join our platform to play GD Lotto for the following reasons:

  • Intuitive and user-oriented interface. You can enjoy a fully immersive gaming experience regardless of your player's skill level.
  • Trusted and safe platform. We use advanced encryption and security technologies to keep your data protected.
  • Full and live display of results. Thanks to our special technology, we are able to show you GD Lotto 4D results in real-time. You may also check past results on the results page.

How To Play GD Lotto

If you wish to play Grand Dragon Lotto online at 4Dnaik, follow these steps:

  1. Open a new user account . Go to the registration section, click, and fill in the prompted fields. All fields are mandatory so make sure to fill them all so you can proceed. Click finish.
  2. Top-up your account. Add funds to your account by signing in and choosing “Top-Up Credit”.
  3. Select your banking method. Type the amount you wish to add in Jumlah “Top Up” field. Note: minimum amount is 30 RM. Once you complete this step, press “Finish”.
  4. For online bank wires, enter the bank reference number on your receipt. Attach your banking receipt by clicking browse. This is to confirm that you paid. For Cash Deposit transfers, just go to “My Top-Up”, check “I’ve paid” and attach your banking receipt.
  5. Go to the 4D results page and choose Grand Dragon Lotto results. Click the play button to start playing (make sure you are signed in first). Good luck!

GD Lotto FAQs

Q: What is the minimum age allowed to play GD Lotto 4D?

A: According to government gambling gaming regulations, you must be 18+ years old to play.

Q: Where can I check GD Lotto live results?

You can check GD Lotto live results after 7pm on this page.

Q: How do I make a withdrawal?

A: Simply go to your account, enter the amount you want to withdraw and select your bank. It takes 1-2 days to complete the wire.

Q: I forgot my password. Can you help?

A: In case you forgot your password or log-in details, head to to set a new password through your email.

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