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4D Special Draw in Malaysia - Guide

What is 4D Special Draw: Introduction

Are you looking for more chances to win 4D games in Malaysia? If so, you should participate in a 4D special draw.

The 4D special draw gives you the chance to purchase 4D lottery tickets with special random dates. The special draws take place independently of regular draws and dates may change with notice.

Special draws apply to the following games:

  • Magnum 4D Special Draw
  • Sandakan Special Draw
  • Da Ma Cai Special Draw
  • Sports Toto Special Draw
  • Sabah 88 4D Special Draw
  • Special Cashsweep Special Draw

To learn more about 4D special draw dates, head to the official websites of these lottery games. Otherwise, you can check any upcoming dates, previous results, and extras on our website.

How 4D Special Draw Started

The 4D special draw which takes place once a week was initially started and approved by the Malaysian government.

The main goal of the special draw is to raise funds for the government. Previously, the number of special draws taking place every year was 16 but now the number rose to 22.

In 2018-2019, the Pakatan Harapan Federal Government reduced the number of draws to 11 and to 8 in 2020. The same government later reintroduced the number of 22 draws, which applies to date. Currently, the Government has no plans of increasing the number of draws to more than 22.

Keep in mind that the number of draws applies to each offered game e.g. Magnum 4D, Dai Mai Cai, etc.

While the main goal of these draws is to raise funds for the government, players may benefit as well. By participating in more special draws, you boost your chances to win a prize from the prize pool.

If you want to save some time looking for info on 4D special draws, simply go to, under the special draw section. We have all the info you need such as upcoming draws, past results, prizes won, and everything you need to know in one place. No need to visit several websites to get all the information you are seeking. Just check our dedicated special draw section.

4D Special Draw Dates FAQs

Q: When do the special 4D draws take place?

A: Special draws take place every Tuesday and one draw applies to each offered game. The results are announced typically the same day or the day after.

Q: How can I participate in a special draw online?

A: You may play through the official website of the games or simply by entering our website. Once you register as a user and make a deposit, you can start purchasing your tickets and choose your draws and numbers. It only takes a few clicks (as long as you are approved).

Q: Where do I check the results of past draws?

A: You may check the results/won prizes on the official sites of these games or simply by entering We provide all the info you need in one place. At, we give you the privilege to participate in regular or 4D special draws online. No fuss, no gimmicks, and no negative surprises. Thousands of players choose us daily to try their luck in 4D games for several reasons. We are a leading provider of 4D lottery games in Malaysia.

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